Sermon & worship

Worship Service  9:15 AM   Sunday School   10:30 AM


August 3 — Pastor Dick Godfrey
God’s ability to provide all we need
Sermon Title:  The Miracle of Generosity
Old Testament Scripture:  Proverbs 4:1; 5-13
Sermon Scripture:  Matthew 14:13-21

August 10 — Pastor Pat Arendt
Focus:  Proclaim Faith
Sermon Title:  How Beautiful Are the Feet of Those Who Bring Good News!
Old Testament Scripture: 
Psalm 85:8-13
Sermon Scripture:  Romans 10:5-15

August 17 — Outdoor Worship (Picnic) – Pastor Dick Godfrey
Focus:  What it means to our faith that Jesus is the Son of God
Sermon Title:  Life’s Most Important Question
New Testament Scripture:  John 7:25-29, 37-44
Sermon Scripture:  Matthew 16:13-20

August 24 — Ambassadors of Joy Concert

August 31:  Pastor Pat Arendt
Focus:  Reform
Sermon Title:  From That Time On
Old Testament Scripture: 
Jeremiah 15:15-21, Psalm 26:1-8
Sermon Scripture:  Matthew 16:21-28